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Bentley Speed

Breitling has come up with an excellent design. Its bronze dial is set against a cold metallic blue that only further emphasizes power and precision, two properties that characterize both brands. However, the watch costs $9,500 or more, something that will certainly get your attention.

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Breitling Navitimer
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The Cartier Brand

How it became the #1 watchmaker

This was started by Louis Cartier, a French watchmaker. This brand is now famous all over the world. It started out with mechanical pocket watches, which Cartier also used in introducing wristwatches to the market. However, he was not the original maker of wristwatches, which were first released to the market in 1868 by another brand. The first Cartier wristwatch was made for a Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont. He commissioned Cartier to design a watch that is convenient to wear even when he is manning his planes. The brand gained even more popularity for their jewelry and watches when the company was taken over by Pierre, Alfred, Jacque, and Louis, Cartier’s grandsons. The business began expanding under their management.